10ltr Lawn Boy

10ltr Lawn Boy

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Lawn Boy Sprayers are self propelled machines suitable for the application of selective weed killers, fungicides, fertilisers and pesticides to all turf/grass areas, paddocks, pathways and drives. There are no batteries, motors or engines; either a hose or pump provides spray pressure. The liquid feed is delivered from the tank through spray nozzles at an accurate precalibrated rate.

Operation of each sprayer is simplicity itself; push and the machine will spray, stop and spraying will cease. This model is very popular with the average home gardener, with a treatment area of approximately 500 square metres per filling. The Flood jet spray nozzle ensures a perfect spray pattern.

Treated spray width 1 metre
Nozzles Size 1.8mm
Area covered by 1 Full Tank 500sqm
Spray Pressure .5 to .75 Bar
Delivery rate .5 to .8 L/M
Thrive application rate 70gms per 10L tank
Surrender application rate 250-500ml per 10L tank desired


  • Treated spray width: 1 metre
  • Nozzles size: 1.8mm
  • Area covered by one full tank: 500sqm
  • Spray pressure: .5 to .75 Bar
  • Delivery rate: .5 to .8 L/M
  • Thrive application rate: 70gms per 10L tank
  • Surrender application rate: 250-500ml per 10L tank desired