Ezi Spray Liquid Fertiliser Sprayers Now Manufactured by Spray Equip

Farmers and contractors wanted to reduce their use of granular fertiliser, but grow more grass.

So Spray Equip responded to their requests to make an affordably priced sprayer that was simple and easy to use for liquid fertilizer, plus could mix up urea and other compounds. We started redesigning /manufacturing the Ezi Spray Liquid Fertiliser sprayers.

The key product features are that the sprayer is mounted on a tandem, oscillating axle to allow for a smooth ride over rough ground. The sturdy frame is hot-dip galvanized, with heavy-duty chequer plate mudguards and ATV mud-grip tyres.

This unit is run off a genuine GX200 Honda engine with a cast fert pump, which will run either a single nozzle or boom option. The single nozzle sprays up to 10 metres wide, the boom options spray up to 16 metres wide and allow faster paddock coverage with less travel.

These units are designed and manufactured in our local factory to suit harsh New Zealand environments.

Spray Equip has redesigned the Ezi Spray units to have a large axle and large pivot points to help support the weight over rough terrain. These units come with either a corded controller or wireless remote.

Boom options can be manually or electronically operated. Tank sizes start at 600 litres and go up to 2000 litres.

Spray Equip is working on a new design with a lower profile squat tank, which will lower the centre of gravity and be easier to fill. The tank is natural colour, so that the liquid level is easily visible for refilling. Watch this space!

For more information on the Spray Equip liquid fertiliser sprayers, contact Spray Equip on 07 544 56 73 or email sales@sprayequip.co.nz

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