1.2mtrs Wide Eco Boom – Sprays up to 4mtrs

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sprayequip fixed spray booms are made out of 1 inch stainless steel box section with the economy nozzle diaphragms.

The spray Boom is 1.2mtr long but sprays up to 4mtrs wide.

Built by us


– CHECK out also our Spot Sprayer 60 lit/70 psi,Boom & Sprayer COMBO kit

– SPRAYS up to 4 metres width approx. Depending on pump and pressure.

– physical boom width = 1.2 metre

– nozzles used are low drift & ideal for weed spraying & spreading liquid fert.

– uses solid but lightweight stainless steel frame not spindly tubing as seen on others,

– Unlike the plastic, and spindly Chinese versions ours come fully assembled ready to work.We sell a lot of these to people who have bought the other ones and found they fell apart or broke easily.

– NO TOOL easy removal & refitting of nozzles & cleaning filters behind nozzles

– includes boom mounting clamps shown. Will mount the boom to a round pipe, eg. Quad carrier.

– Assembled in NZ.

– Spraying Systems USA and Italian nozzles & fittings used

– Can supply with non drip diaphragms for an extra $22.00. This prevents the spray draining out by gravity after the boom is shut off

– Also avail. for $9.50 for the pair,Rather than the nondrip diaphragm bodies we can achieve the same thing by fitting nondrip spring loaded Italian made nozzle filters behind the nozzles to stop dripping in place of the standard nozzle strainers.NB this option is not as reliable in the long run as the non drip diaphragms


NB: no thread tape supplied as our boom is FULLY ASSEMBLED, has no threaded joints for leaks & weak points for breakage

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