$2,890.00 excl. GST

The Commando pump skid is the pump kit for the Spray Marshal Plus 250L or 400L UTV compact sprayer. Ideal for high performance, low maintenance spraying.


  • With Commando 12 L/min 25 bar pump
  • GX35 Honda motor
  • Pressure regulator and gauge
  • Hose reel with 30m x 8mm hose
  • Turbo Atomiser spray gun.


Made to order please, call to confirm a manufacture time.

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Since our inception in 1999, Spray Equip has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional quality to our valued customers. Among our proudest offerings stands the Rapid Spray range - a testament to our dedication to innovation, longevity, and efficiency.

Why Choose Rapid Spray?

Rapid Spray isn't just a name; it's a promise of speed, precision, and durability. When you opt for a rapid spray weed sprayer, you are investing in a tool designed to outperform and outlast. Every sprayer from this line is a fusion of our years of expertise and the latest technology, ensuring that you get the best results every time.

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In the realm of spray solutions, Spray Equip's Rapid Spray stands at the top — a harmonious blend of time-honoured expertise and cutting-edge innovation. For those who seek excellence without compromise, your journey ends here. Welcome to the future of precision spraying; welcome to the Spray Equip legacy.

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At Spray Equip, our expansive selection is meticulously curated to cater to diverse spraying needs. Dive into our range and discover tools tailored for precision, efficiency, and durability:

  • Weed Sprayer: Targeting those stubborn weeds has never been easier. Our weed sprayers are designed for optimal reach and effectiveness, ensuring that unwanted growths are dealt with swiftly.
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  • UTV Skid Sprayer: For those navigating diverse terrains and seeking mobility without sacrificing power, our UTV skid sprayer is the ideal companion. Designed to seamlessly fit on utility task vehicles, this sprayer combines versatility with robustness. Whether you're tending to uneven landscapes or manoeuvring through tight spaces, the UTV skid sprayer ensures consistent spray pressure and even distribution.

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Buy Commercial Skid Sprayers in NZ

Skid sprayers are versatile, portable spraying systems mounted on skids for easy transportation and use. 

Ideal for commercial applications such as agriculture, landscaping, and pest control, skid sprayers offer efficient and precise spraying. 

With a wide range of skid sprayers available, Spray Equip provides top-quality options tailored to your specific needs. Trust us for the best skid sprayers on the market.

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Our collection of commercial skid sprayers is designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses in NZ. 

Built for durability and efficiency, our skid sprayers are equipped with high-performance pumps, corrosion-resistant tanks, and versatile spray booms. 

Whether you're in agriculture, landscaping, or pest control, our skid sprayers offer precise and reliable spraying capabilities to enhance your operations. 

Explore our range of skid sprayers today and elevate your business's spraying efficiency.

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At Spray Equip, we're committed to supporting businesses in NZ with our top-quality commercial skid sprayers. 

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Commercial Skid Sprayers - NZ - Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a skid sprayer? 

A skid sprayer is a portable spraying system mounted on a skid, designed for commercial applications such as agriculture, landscaping, and pest control. Equipped with high-performance pumps and corrosion-resistant tanks, skid sprayers offer precise and efficient spraying capabilities to businesses in NZ. Explore our range of commercial skid sprayers for superior spraying performance.

What are the uses of a skid sprayer? 

Skid sprayers find versatile use in commercial applications like agriculture, landscaping, and pest control. Their portable design and precise spraying capabilities make them indispensable for businesses in NZ. From crop spraying to weed control, skid sprayers ensure efficient and effective application of liquids in various industries.

Where is the best place to buy a commercial skid sprayer in NZ? 

For the best commercial skid sprayers in NZ, look no further than Spray Equip. Offering top-quality products tailored to meet diverse needs, Spray Equip stands out for its expertise, personalised service, and reliable support. Trust Spray Equip for superior skid sprayers, weed sprayers, deck mounted sprayers, and more. Elevate your spraying operations today.

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