Ezi Spray 1200ltr Liquid Fertilizer Sprayer – Boom (wireless open/shut spray valve & wireless spray boom control)

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Sprayequip Ezi Spray 1200ltr Boom Option Fert Sprayer

Spray Width: 16 metres
Application Rates: 15kg/ha – 300kg/ha (selection of spray nozzle)
Tank Capacity: 1500 litres
Weight: 480kg
Length: 4350mm
Width: 1770mm
Loading Height: 1380mm


Finance options available

Features and Benefits:

  • Low Profile
  • Natural Tank so you can see the fluid level
  • Heavy Duty Hot Dip Galv Frame
  • Large ATV Tyres (1200ltr ) or Small Tractor grip wheels(1500ltr)
  • Wireless Spray Valve Open/close
  • Folding Booms upto 16mtr Wide Spray
  • Electric start Genuine Honda engine
  • Continuous agitation for mixing and keeping products in suspension. Dissolves urea very efficiently.
  • Fully galvanised tandem trailer complete with oscillating axles and floatation tyres for smooth travelling
  • Very low centre of gravity – making it safe to operate.
  • Heavy Duty checker plate mud guards ( you can stand on them)
  • Variable application rates available
  • Stainless steel/plastic pipework
  • Standardized parts to save the farmer money on expensive single supplier part costs and having to use a particular mechanic to work on it




Powerful 3” Pump for Easy & Efficient Mixing and for Continuous Agitation.

Remote control spray valve for Ease of Operation.

Suction Hose inlet for quick loading out of a dam, stream or effluent pond. Spray Hose outlet for wash down or firefighting.
Fit various nozzle sizes to suit your spraying needs.

Low centre of gravity & wide wheel base for safety on undulating ground.

Spray straight onto the foliage for speedy uptake of the fertiliser.



These units are excellent for running over rough to uneven ground as they have a tandem walking beam axle so they float straight over the rough ground.

with electric start engine
wireless remote open/shut spray valve control
wireless remote open/shut spray boom control

These machines now come with a tungsten pump seal which enables them to spray abrasive product.

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