Gold Acres 2000ltr Trailer Sprayer with 12mtr Folding Boom

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Gold Acres 2000ltr Trailer Sprayer with 12mtr Folding Boom

The Prairie Compact trailed sprayer is built on a strong platform to handle the roughest of terrain.

Pressure manifold control station
The pressure manifold control station clearly places all the functions in the one convenient location. All valves are colour coded and clearly labelled for easy identification and operation.

Udor Zeta 85 features chemical resistant components such as desmopan for the pump diaphragms and stainless internal components ensuring great pump life. Available as pto or hydraulic driven option.

Comes with double sided Arag foam marker kit
Centrally mounted with large face the pressure gauge allows the operator to keep an eye on system pressure easily.
A high flow suction filter with 50 mesh screen is plumbed with a 3 way ball valve to allow suction from fresh water tank.
Single 14.9 x 24 Tractor grip wheels
Udor Zeta 85 PTO Pump (Italian made pump)
Heavy duty chassis
45ltr Flush Tank
adjustable track width
Work station with Handrails
12mtr Manual folding boom with twinlink suspension allows the boom to float over rough terrain
This units are manufactured in Australia.

If you do want a special size trailer sprayer please let us know.

Currently there is a 6 month leadtime so order now for the next season.

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