Seaflo 12V 7.5 LPM/ 80 PSI with filter ATV Spray pump

$120.00 excl. GST

These are a excellent small but compact atv spray pump to replace a shurflo,flojet etc spray pump on your atv sprayer. This pump gives out 70psi with a flow of 7.6lpm and excellent on a atv sparyer with a K7 gun on approx 25mtr hose as it has plenty of flow at the hand peice.These pumps are very reasonable.

Very Smooth quiet running agriculture spraying and general water pump.
Rubber mounting feet to reduce vibration and noise.
Higher flow pump with good pressure for running a spray gun or boom and other accessories.
7.6 litres/minute open flow.
Excellent replacement for Northstar or Flojet and other pumps with the clip in type bayonet hose tails
On demand pressure switch to automatically turn pump on and off.

Included in purchase is the 12v. pump
Inlet filter with screw off clear bowl with stainless steel internal filter mesh.
Quick release clip in clip out hose tails for pump.

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