200ltr Petrol Deck Mounted Sprayer - 29ltrs Per Minute

200ltr Petrol Deck Mounted Sprayer - 29ltrs Per Minute

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Deck Mount Petrol Powered - 200 Litre

- Built by Spray Equip since 1999.

- Tank Dimensions (approx.) 1030mm. Long x 550mm. Wide x 8400mm. High from base to top of engine.

- Powerful, reliable self contained compact sprayer.

- Can run a spray boom or broadcast spray nozzle up to 15 metres width.

- Udor 25lit/min - 420psi max diaphragm pump made in Italy with control unit. Pump comes with a 12month warranty


- Can be run dry without damage.

- Fitted with a Genuine.Honda GP200 engine.
WE use the Honda with the red sticker on the fuel cap. If it does not have that sticker then it is not the genuine Honda with NZ warranty.

Please Note: the picture shows the Honda GX100 we used to use but we have upgraded to the more powerful GP200 These engines will not work as hard and will ensure a longer working life, with less stress .

-Reliable 4 stroke motor runs on straight 91 petrol NOT 2 stroke mix.

- Suitable for mounting on any flat surface, Ute deck, trailer etc.

- 15 metres quality hose, with 600mm. spray gun and stainless steel lance. Other lengths of hose and types of spray guns available. Please enquire.

- Litre markings on the tank so liquid level is visible from outside tank