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3.5mtr Folding Manual Spray Boom

3.5mtr Folding Manual Spray Boom

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3.5m Folding Weedspray Sprayboom

NOTE : Picture shows our 9 nozzle 4.5metre spray boom. Both are exactly the same but the 3.5metre has 7 nozzles

- Folded width 1530mm. 3.0 metres wide when unfolded out but sprays 3.5 metres wide.

- Comes with 7 standard 110 degree fan spraying nozzles.

- As an option we,can supply it with other nozzle sizes but the red ones included cover most applications. They use 1.3litres per minute each at 30psi .

- STAINLESS STEEL spray tubes, with professional contractor quality non drip diaphragm nozzle bodies so spray nozzles shut off when spay boom is shut off rather than gravity draining what is in the spray tubes.Nozzle strainers fitted to each nozzle.

- Quick release nozzle caps fitted for quick removal/refitting of nozzles and to clean nozzle strainers.

- We can supply foam markers for use with our booms to show where you have been and save on unnecessary overspraying of where you have already sprayed.