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45Mtr Black Hose Reel with & without Hose

45Mtr Black Hose Reel with & without Hose

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HOSE REEL - 45m 

Comfortably holds 50 metres of 3/8" /10mm internal diameter hose and more for smaller hose. Suitable for spray hose or high pressure water blaster.
~ See our listing for this with hose and weed spray gun fitted.

- strong but light metal hose reel (swivel rated to 3000 psi) - can be used as high pressure water blaster reel , air ,or for weed spraying at lower pressures.

- SPRING LOADED LOCKING PIN to lock reel at required length or when transporting to prevent hose unrolling & dragging behind.

- strong brass swivel

- solid rolled centre to make for easier rolling on & off and prevent hose kinking

- we carry spare parts for winding handles, new swivels & swivel service kits