Ad Blue Pump 12v or 24V - 30 LPM /Max 40psi

Ad Blue Pump 12v or 24V - 30 LPM /Max 40psi

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AdBlu Pump - 12v or 24 volt DC.

- STANKO brand

- 30 lit/minute

- 5 Chamber Pump

- Diaphragms TPV

- Pump Valves Viton.

- Max Pressure 40psi

- includes 25mm - 1" and 19mm - 3/4" inlet & outlet tails,- wiring loom- main switch for turning pump on and off.
It has an internal bypass for when the outlet flow is shut off but pump should not be left running for more than 5 minutes in bypass mode.

- self priming

- runs dry without damage for short periods of time.

- motor with thermal protection, and IP54 splash proof.

- can be used for pumping diesel, AdBlue, or urea solutions

Dimensions: 270mm long x 165mm high x 160mm wide (excluding tails)