Bragilia Metal RL10 Spray Gun with 500mm Lance

Bragilia Metal RL10 Spray Gun with 500mm Lance

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The ultimate in gun and wand. Rl10 Metal
Sick of having your gun/wands breaking? This is as near as you will get to the unbreakable.

 Italian Braglia Metal Gun with steel trigger and trigger guard.Made in Italy not China.

Steel strong 1/4" water blaster lance 500mm.

Brass 10 mm hose tail and nut(we can fit 8mm. or 13mm. tails instead at no extra charge)

Brass and stainless steel Italian made hose swivel fitted at gun to prevent fighting the hose.

Adjustable spray pattern solid brass nozzle.

Trigger lock for extended length spraying time to prevent fatigue.

Service kits and parts stocked.