100mtr Black Hose Reel – Sprayequip (Long Black reel)

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Sprayequip 100mtr Hose Reel Base Mounted Kits – there is options to buy it with or without yellow ag spray hose

Dimensions are 330mm. wide at base. 440mm. high. 650mm. overall length from end of swivel across to the end of the winding handle .

Easily holds 100metres of 10mm. inside dia.18mm. OD hose.

Stainless steel and brass swivel assembly, rated to 850psi max There are other reels being sold which look similar but have a pathetic little 1/4″ toy swivel which we are always having to replace for people who got fooled. Ask them to show you the swivel you will get before purchasing or better still buy this one. hose tail fitted to inside of swivel to attach your hose to. 1/2″BSP fe. thread on outlet of swivel for connecting from pump to reel. We can supply fittings for this if required.

Solid rolled drum centre to help prevent hose kinking.

Adjustable reel friction to control hose unwinding.

Orange winding handle flips up and down.

Holes drilled in the steel base at each end for bolting the reel down.

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