Sprayequip 1000ltr Calf Milk Mixer Trailer – Electric Start

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This unit keeps you milk in agitation so it can mix up your calf milk powder which can agitate up to 600 litre per min

The unit has a Genuine honda pump.

  • 10mtr Discharge Hose
  • ATV Tyres
  • Duragalv Frame – 3mm Thick
  • Heavy Duty Mudguards
  • Natural Tank
  • Plastic Dispenser Nozzle
  • Drain Plug
  • Large Tank Lid
  • 2″ Geneniue honda pump ( Electric Start)
  • Excellent for stirring up your calf milk powder

Excellent for loading the calf feeders

We use a quality robust honda engine and pump on our unit as they are a reliable for those cold mornings. Some other brands use very light duty china made pump that do not last the distance and are not built for this usage,

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What are Calf Milk Trailers? 


Calf milk trailers are mobile tanks that are designed to transport and dispense milk for feeding calves. They’re commonly used on farms across NZ to efficiently deliver large quantities of milk to calves housed in separate locations.

Here are some key features of our calf milk trailers:

  • Capacity: Our calf milk trailers typically range in size from around 500 litres to 1000 litres, allowing them to hold enough milk to feed a large number of your calves.
  • Mixing: Some models come with built-in mixers to ensure consistent milk quality throughout feeding.
  • Pumping: Some models include calf milk pumps to facilitate the easy transfer of milk from the tank to feeding bottles or troughs.
  • Towable:Calf milk feeder trailers are designed to be towed behind a farm vehicle for easy manoeuvrability around the farm.
  • Durability: Constructed with robust materials like galvanised steel or plastic, calf milk trailers offer durability and longevity in often-challenging farm environments in NZ.

Choose Spray Equip & Buy Your Calf Milk Trailer in NZ Today

Why do NZ farmers choose our calf milk trailers? Because they improve calf comfort during transport, save time with bulk milk delivery, and minimise disease spread between calves.

When you’re looking for the leading range of calf milk trailers, calf milk pumps and calf milk mixers, our team delivers the high-quality and durable commitment you need. 

We only stock equipment we know and trust, including the Shurflo 12v water pump and hose reels in NZ, so you can be sure of a seamless experience when you buy with Spray Equip. 

Order your next calf milk trailer online with confidence and contact our expert team with questions.

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