Sprayequip 16ltr Rechargable Knapsack sprayer

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Sick of having to pump your knapsack sprayer? If so we have the answer: a cordless knapsack sprayer.

Sprayequip 16ltr Cordless Knapsack sprayer:

  • 12V, 7-11Ah lead-acid Batteries
  • Diaphragm pump,12V,1.5 – 3.0L/min. 60PSI demand switch
  • 100-240V, 50/60Hz input, 12V DC1700 ma output
  • the Sprayer has a dial on the side of it so you can adjust the flow/pressure
  • You can get between 4 – 6 hours off spraying out of a charge

These sprayers are a must for every household to help get rid of all these nasty weeds with little effort.

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